Choosing The Right Cafe Equipment To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

A decade or so ago the only café equipment that anyone needed to brew coffee was a kettle and a few mugs. However, things have changed a lot since the time when brewing coffee just required spraying some hot water on a few ground beans for a given amount of time. Because a lot of the coffee available back then was brewed using unsophisticated equipment and contained in simple coffee urns to maintain its temperature so things were not very exciting. Today, thanks to the latest coffee accessories there is actually a science to brewing good coffee at work. Below we take a look at some of the most common equipment you’ll need when starting a coffee shop.

If you’re starting a small outlet you may benefit from a cheaper single pot brewer. These coffee units will drip very hot water through the coffee beans and into the decanters which are often seated on hot plates. There are two choices here i.e. the pour over time version in which the water is poured into its reservoir manually; the other is an automatic water filler type. There are also a number of sizes to choose from but in most cases these models can brew around half a gallon of coffee in around four minutes.

Another important coffee accessory is called the airpot. This can brew coffee into insulated containers which are insulated and sealed completely. These can hold coffee at a given temperature and quality for many hours as compared to the pot brewer which can hold it for just 20 minutes. These are great for serving a number of flavored or specialty coffees since you can house airpots on racks.

If you want to make more coffee or increase your coffee volume you will need to purchase at least the twin three gallon size urn. You should consider than an urn will serve around six gallons of good coffee and around 100 X 8 ounce servings in an hour. Many urns have a number of quality brewing features which include water bypass in order to divert water in a way that prevents over extraction of the coffee. You will also want to invest in an urn that offers automatic agitation. That said remember that the strength of the coffee brewed varies.

There are some coffee makers that come equip with a brewer and grinder in a single machine. These are commonly used in high end restaurants. Often times these units also have a dual coffee hopper which can brew mainly two types of coffee into the airpot or decanter. However, there are also single cup brewers which are increasingly becoming popular in various restaurants. For instance French presses are great for tableside use and so are popular in various quality cafes and restaurants.

Tips for Purchasing Coffee Equipment

  • Most coffee makers are primarily hot water heaters that require quite a bit of electricity to function. Many large volume types will use up to 240 watts of power. There are some models that have various options for heater size and are rated in KW. Choosing the right KW option is important because the overall recovery time required to bring temperatures back to required levels are shorter.
  • When left idle for a long period of time there are some brewers which will automatically sink into sleep mode. During this mode the temperature of the heating element drops which works to conserve electricity. However, newer brewers are designed to provide better insulation and rely less on electricity when in sleep mode.
  • You should never purchase more café equipment than you need. Nothing is worse than having excess coffee sitting around. It takes some effort to prepare fresh batches but it is something that your customers will love.
  • Using a good water filter will eliminate various off tastes and reduce overall machine maintenance.

If you want that your café is known for its great cup of coffee then choosing the right equipment is imperative. Make sure to maintain your equipment on a regular basis and it will ensure that you always have a good cup of coffee on hand for your customers.

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