Gaggia Evolution Review – Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Before Buy Read Our Gaggia Evolution Review

The Gaggia Evolution is a low end semi-automatic espresso machine. This machine can be used commercially however it is more widely made for personal use in the home. It has an estimated price of around $229.00, and is one of the least expensive models of home espresso machines.

Gaggia Evolution Pulling a Single Shot

Things to Consider before Purchasing an Espresso machine

There are most definitely some important things to consider before purchasing an espresso machine. Since it is a fairly large investment you want to do some investigating of the different brands and models. The Gaggia Evolution certainly holds its own amongst espresso machines.  While not a perfect machine, the Gaggia Evolution is a nice looking espresso maker that looks very attractive in any kitchen décor.

Positive Aspects of the Gaggia Evolution

The Gaggia Evolution is a great looking espresso machine with many positive features. It is very capable of producing a delicious espresso in minutes. It has excellent steaming power with a wand that produces a very nice froth. The Gaggia Evolution is easy to clean, fairly simple to use and a very nice machine for its price range.

The Gaggia Evolution has a high powered heating element that comes up to temperature fairly quickly. This allows the Gaggia Evolution to come up to steaming temperature rather quickly as well. The stock panariello wand produces a very nice froth which in turn produces a lovely cup of espresso for any serious coffee drinker. Although seemingly not very exciting, the Gaggia Evolution has very user friendly manual that comes along with your purchase. This is very important if you are new to making espresso.

A Great Choice to Start With

The Gaggia Evolution is a great machine for espresso novices. It is very affordable and not a bad machine for its price. Some espresso machines can run you upwards of $1000 dollars. It has been found to produce plenty of pressure so there is no issue with getting a very nice double shot in as little as twenty seconds. This machine never takes a lot of time making a good tasting espresso. It also clearly marked buttons that are very easy to see.

A Recap of Gaggia Evolution’s Positive Features:

  • Aluminum 3.5 oz. boiler
  • Dual heating element provides exceptional heating
  • Push buttons for power, steam and brewing
  • Removable 44 oz. water reservoir
  • Turbo frother frothing wand
  • Marine brass chrome plated commercial style brew cup

These and many other innovative features make the Gaggia Evolution an exceptional choice in espresso makers for home use. It makes a terrific cup of espresso without breaking the bank. All in all consumers are quite pleased with this espresso machine. It heats well and quickly and has a very modern sleek design. If you considering purchasing an espresso machine for the first time, the Gaggia Evolution would be the perfect choice. Browse online and read the many positive reviews on this amazing piece of machinery. The Gaggia Evolution will not be a disappointment.