Making the Perfect Cup of Espresso – Saeco Odea Go

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Saeco Odea Go is a design wonder, making a cup of espresso with this is funny and giving a sip to it is exquisitely gratifying. The global brand in the super automatic espresso coffee machine has developed this Saeco Odea Go espresso machine in collaboration with BMW and though the price might appear a little out-of-mark, the froth your lattes will have on top will make up for the hole in your pocket. The engaging look developed in black and silver with soft lining and the pushed-out drip tray endow Saeco Odea Go with an inviting appearance. The bean grinder, the internal filter for grounds, the tamp, the pump pressure — all are at work to give you your cherished brew.

Saeco Odea Go Espresso Machine

Features of Saeco Odea Go

Saeco Odea Go is best described an experiment in concept because it uses a ceramic grinder—unlike any other maker. The reason is to keep the taste of the coffee beans intact. For a stubborn coffee fan, alteration of the original whiff of fresh bean roasts is sacrilege and it is for them that the Saeco Odea Go has shunned metal grinder in favor of ceramic. Additionally, a set of ceramic grinder ensures consistent grinding and better dosing and when the grinder is in action, you hardly feel it is there but it lasts long than most metal grinder.

To further push the excellence curve of this super automatic espresso machine, Saeaco Odea Go has used a jet frothing device that make the cappuccino topped with rich crema look great. The Pannarello, as the device is known, shots hot water and a curved adjustable wand releasing steam makes it easy for you to dip it in the milk container or remove it for the necessary frothing to make your fast espresso resemble a cup professionally delivered.

Convenience of Saeco Odea Go

You cannot but wonder over the fact that you need to allow just 90 seconds for the brew group to heat when you need your first cup of coffee but if a friend drops in unannounced, you need to allot 10 seconds only to the unit to reheat and shot a new brew at the mug on the drip tray. As far as aroma is concerned, each shot will be the best shot because the Saeco Odea Go use the unique Saeco Aroma System captures the caffeine scent from the grounds at a pre-brew stage. Multi-functional in nature Pannarello Frother provides you hot water, in case you need a cupful for non-coffee beverages. The price is further justified by the use of Aqua Prima filter which removes aquatic impurities and protects this Saeco Odea Go super automatic espresso machine from incurring internal damages.

Saeco Odea Go Customer Reviews

I’ve used it daily for the last 3 months without any complaints. It is easy to operate and clean. I would highly recommend this machine for anyone interested in great espresso at home with out the work of a semi automatic. ~ S. Wood

Never have we indulged ourselves so well. Any lover of expresso and just great coffee will find this investment a great one. It is so simple, so reliable and works so well, we are delighted. Time will tell if it is durable, but so far, so great. ~ L. Russell Cox

Saeco Odea Go has also done well in the control panel configuration. The panel consists of three push buttons and a series of light alerts. The well ineligible icons on the buttons and beneath the light alerts allow you to identify them easily and control the shot in terms of its strength, temperature and froth on Saeco Odea Go. Another set of light alerts saves you from opening the unit very alternative day to find out whether the water container is full or if the dump box needs emptying.

As for cleaning the brew group and the additional water receptacle, you can remove them to give a hot water rinse. That’s enough for maintaining the shine of the attractive unit. For More information about Saeco Odea Go visit this link.